Top Ways To Keep Your Computer (and You) Happy Part 1 – Computer Article

Many of you who are familiar with my other articles will notice this is a bit off the regular path for me as I usually write articles dealing with home based businesses and setting up websites. The reason for this article on computer maintenance is this. If you are doing Internet Marketing of any type then you are going to be using a computer. And if your computer breaks down, then your business breaks down along with it. So with that in mind, today’s article deals with keeping your computer up and running smooth and trouble free. Many people use a few of the methods listed below, but if you use all of them regularly you will go a long way towards keeping your computer up and running like it was meant to. You should be able to find these programs by doing a search through Yahoo or Google. I don’t believe I can put the download addresses in this article without being in violation of EzineArticles guidelines for published articles.1 ) Anti-Virus Software: One of the most important ways to keep your computer happy is good anti-virus software. There are way to many viruses out there today. You can find many free anti-virus programs on-line with a little research. One I recommend is AVG Free Version. AVG will auto update it’s definition file as long as your computer is on-line. AVG will also run virus checks in the background, with a minimal effect on you system resources. You can download it from the Grisoft Web site, just use Google or Yahoo and type in AVG Anti Virus Free Edition download.2 ) Anti-Spy-ware Software: Anti-Spy-ware is also available for free on-line. Two I recommend are Spybot Search & Destroy and Ad-Aware by Lavasoft. Spy-ware and malware can slow down your computer tremendously as well as popping up unwanted ads all over your desktop, even when you are not on-line. These 2 free programs, while they work very well, have one drawback in my opinion. Auto updates are not available. Which means it’s up to you to remember to check for updates on a regular basis. Both programs do have a “check for updates” option right on their main page. You should have them check for updates at least once a week. Spybot and Ad-Aware can be downloaded from their web sites. Watch when you search for Spybot on Yahoo or Google as their are many impersonators using various forms of the Spybot name. Their web site should read safer-networking somewhere in the url. If you type in spybot search and destroy you should get directed to the correct web site. With AdAware the address should read lavasoftusa in the url. Look for the AdAware SE Personal Edition as the newer versions are a bit bloated.3 ) Disk Cleanup: The disk clean tool up will help you to keep unneeded or no longer used files off your computer. You will have a gradual build up of unneeded files over a period of time in your temp folder, cookies folder from Internet surfing, and various other places on your computer. You can access the Disk Clean up tool in your accessories folder under system tools. Run this once at least once a month.4 ) Windows Update: Make sure your Windows Update program is set to check periodically for updates for you operating system and the drivers and such for your other installed programs. There are new updates made available on a regular basis from Windows. Many of these will fix security problems and other issues pertaining to you computer.

Old Laptop Computers – How Fast They Become Obsolete – Or Do They? – Computer Article

I was on my desktop computer typing an article when I started thinking about the speed of which computers seem to become obsolete. I was thinking back to my first laptop, an expensive Toshiba which is long gone and was very limited in capability compared to laptops today. I used it for a few years and finally gave it away several years ago.During that time my brother, the one who was a computer geek by today’s standards had gone through several computers and laptops while I stuck to the old Toshiba. Well now he has departed and I have his latest laptop. It’s sitting here on my bed as I was trying to find the model number. I cannot find one, but it is an HP, I believe a Compaq model. The closest I can come to a model is a black label on the bottom saying CRV5A-02T1-90. It does have another white label with the product number DC945AV.It is about five or six years old. I still use it occasionally. Some of my other computers don’t have MS Word on it so I occasionally type an article on it in Word and later add it to one of my sites or submit it to article directories. The main reason I keep using it is I have a lot of files on it that I don’t want to clutter up any of my other computers with. It also has several projects which my brother Keith and I were working on until his untimely death some four and a half years ago. In addition it has some expensive graphic editing programs and other expensive programs I might decide to use one day.Even though it is very slow starting up it is quite useful for typing articles when I don’t want to be stuck to my desktop computers (I have three of them). I can take it into another room and concentrate when it’s impossible to do that where my regular computers are. The only bad thing is that the battery is shot and it needs a new battery. They are quite expensive I’ve been told so I have not opted to get a new one. I don’t take my old laptop with me anywhere so that is not a problem to plug it in to the wall plug when I need to use it.Now that I think of it I still have several websites stored on my laptop. It is good for keeping a backup of my sites. The only problem with that is actually creating the backups and loading them on the laptop.During the last five years I have been using my old laptop my sister has gone through two or three new Mac laptops. She is a Mac fan and swears by them. She just bought a new one to take to her latest African Safari. It really did come in handy for her as it gave her the capability to download well over a thousand pictures from her camera on to her laptop. She was able to use some free time during the safari to start creating her newest book on that safari adventure on the new Mac laptop.Well what’s the verdict? Are old laptops obsolete? It depends a lot on what you are going to use them for. If you are a power user, then definitely Yes! If you don’t need the power, speed, or memory capabilities of newer laptops then No old laptops are not obsolete.If you really don’t need yet another computer (like me) then no, the old laptop is still useful. If you don’t have the $500 or more to get a new one then no, your old laptop is not obsolete.As you can see it depends on the use of the old laptop whether it is obsolete and might need replacing. If you are the person that really needs a new laptop computer you have so many choices and prices that it can make your head swim. Now you have a good choice of lower price laptops compared to years ago. There are some excellent laptop computers from about $500 up to a few thousand dollars.Good luck in getting the new laptop computer of your choice, or you can be thrifty and get a refurbished laptop, a used laptop, or a hand-me-down laptop from a brother, sister or friend if you are lucky. I just might be in luck – my sister recently asked me if I wanted to use her old Mac laptop. Although “old” it can run circles around my current old laptop, is nicer looking, and lighter. I’d better call her and tell her “yes” before she changes her mind.Copyright © 2008 Charles Harmon

Buying a Computer Notebook Online – Computer Article

I would like to discuss today Purchasing a Computer Notebook Online. This is the 2nd part of a 3 part series about purchasing a computer notebook. My goal is after you have read this article you can make a very smart choice on finding the best deals online. I plan to also include a bit of information about how important it is to shop around for the best deals and just a few tips that I use on a daily basis to find great deals and even better pricing on computer notebooks.In my first part I discussed briefly the advantages of shopping online, retail box stores, and also refurbished gadgets. So in this article we are going to focus on online purchases followed with an article on purchasing through a retail box top store. So lets get going on purchasing a computer notebook online.First thing I will mention are the TOP online stores with the best reputation and business ethics and they will get a mini review to help you find what gadget your after.1. NewEgg – – Newegg at least for me is the first stop if your after daily/weekly deals with great bundle deals. They offer free shipping on a lot of items and also have some of the most active members giving reviews on new products to help you make a choice.2. TigerDirect – – TigerDirect is right up there with Newegg they have almost any gadget from your computer parts to cameras. They have parts to build your own laptop/desktop and they also have quite good discounts and deals. I would highly suggest checking and comparing prices to newegg as they are usually very close but sometimes you can get a bargain easily.Now that you have the places to shop for online deals we need a basic strategy to finding the great deals and prices cheap. We have 2 companies that offer new and refurbished Items at great prices daily. So one question you should ask yourself is are you willing to buy used gadgets? Well if your like me I was very nervous with this thought and perhaps for good reason I mean look online there are a lot of scammers and ripoffs. Well I’m here to say that the old saying holds true “You get what you pay for” so if you see a laptop that’s brand new selling for 1/3 the price chances are you should just move on and find another deal.The best practice when “Buying a computer notebook online” is simply write down what your looking for and what your willing to pay for the gadgets. For example I choose the spec’s for a computer notebook and price range before I ever go online looking for a great deal. This simple step will save you a lot of time and headaches. Another thing to remember is I’ve found purchasing any tech gadget at the end of the year or the month after the new year is the best time for pricing. Think of it like the car industry model end of the year closeout meaning you save a tremendous amount of money….the same applies to the tech sector.Now I hope this will help anyone looking to purchase a computer notebook online and also give you some simple pointers on who to purchase from and get them online jitters to leave you alone.

Make Your Computer Work For You at Home – Computer Article

Computer work at home is not as hard as you think, and with so many companies recognizing the benefit of going global with millions and millions more potential buyers out there, is there any wonder why this kind of opportunity is sought by so many people. However, computer work at home is not only about making money and earning the amount of money that you want for yourself.All this is possible because the Internet today has opened it’s door to more people being able to utilise their computer to work at home than ever before and simply because of the low start up capital and ease of access to the user. The fact is, the Internet offers the greatest opportunity to have a business online, without all the hassle of trying to build a business the traditional way. The way we operate has changed significantly because of the Internet, and with the economic worries, it may be changing a lot faster in the coming months and years.This data shows that peoples today are aware how important Internet in their life. Millions of transactions are done daily on the Internet. With a home Internet marketing business you can do it from the comfort of your own home and do it all online 24 hours a day whether you are there to work or not. One benefit of having a home Internet marketing business is it allows you to work wherever you are at.This allows your business to be very mobile and let you work anywhere that you have Internet access. Sometimes, passion is more essential rather than making money out of working on your computer from home through your internet connection.The fact is, the Internet offers opportunities that have not been available before to create a business without all the hassle of trying to build a business the traditional way. There are many legitimate online business opportunities with incredible earn at home possibilities but you need to be careful because there are many not so legitimate opportunities as well.Sometimes people get confused by the terms of a work at home job and business opportunity so you need to research this well before you go in for anything no matter how good it appears.One of the most popular opportunities is being an affiliate and marketing and selling somebody else’s product/s, but if you have even a passing interest in writing, then you should take a look at the following information.Article writing is about using keywords to lead traffic to websites with keyword-rich articles. That is why writing articles is one of the most utilized Internet marketing media today. Providing information through these articles is a sure-fire way to drive hot traffic to your web site. Here are the benefits that writing articles can give your Internet business.Writing articles to market a product or service is an excellent way to build business. The articles should be very informative, providing the reader with information that is relevant to a specific topic. These articles are commonly submitted to article banks, websites, and ezine publishers.Learn more about attracting more lucrative opportunities do your research and ensure that you fully understand what is expected of you before you commit yourself or you may find that you are paying out rather than earning. Creating our own information products is still the most powerful way to position yourself as an expert, build passive revenue and open up a world of new opportunities for you both professionally and personally.The key to success, when you decide to start a computer work at home is to remember that your business is not a hobby, but rather something that you will have to work very hard at to be successful and I wish you every success in your endeavours.