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Are you tired of your computer acting up and when you go to work on it; the thing always freezes up? Well maybe it is just trying to tell you that it is time to be cleaned. Yes our computers need to be cleaned just like we do. However the only way that it can let you know that it is time; is to begin acting up. This article is going to provide speed up computer – free information that may be able to assist you to know when it is time to clean your computer.Most likely if you are reading this article then you may be experiencing some difficulties with your computer. It is most likely trying to let you know that something is wrong with it. Well before you rush out and purchase a brand new computer you may want to read this article in its entirety. There is no reason that you should run out and spend the money on a new computer without first trying to speed up computer free information provided; that will hopefully assist you.Now when I am talking about cleaning your computer; I am not talking about taking a wash cloth and cleaning the outer parts of it like the keyboard or the screen. Yes it may be time for you to clean those parts as well; however I am talking about cleaning the registry part of the computer. What is the computer registry?The registry is a database that stores settings and options for the 32 bit versions of Microsoft Windows which include the 95, 98, ME and NT/2000 versions. This registry contains all the information and settings for the hardware, software, users and preferences of the PC. Whenever you make changes to your computer or control panel, or if you install any kind of software; the regristry stores all the new information.It basically is the backbone to your computer and if you have noticed that your computer is slowing down it is time to learn how to speed up computer easily and safely. Most people do not know what to do when they notice their computer slowing down; so they begin searching online for all kinds of free ways to fix a slow computer. However I highly recommend that you do not use a free registry cleaner as they may harm your computer.The great thing about your registry is that it will let you know when it needs to be cleaned. Your computer will begin to slow down and you may even notice that you are receiving a lot of error messages. Most likely if you begin receiving the messages; it means that your registry is infected and it is time to clean it up. There is nothing to be worried about and everyone has to clean there computer once in a while.There are all kinds of registry cleaners available; however when choosing which one to go with; make sure that they provide good tech support to be able to answer some of your questions that may arise.If you found this article on “speed up computer free – Information provided” helpful;” visit our site below. We provide one of the best registries that will walk you through the entire process and will get your computer back on track.