How to Understand Cloud Computing the Easy Way – Computer Article

When I first heard of Cloud Computing it was very hard to wrap my mind around the concept. All I could see was clouds. I thought how does this relate to doing anything with computers?In this article I will try to help you understand this real concept so you’ll have an idea of how it works and how you can get involved. The truth is that we are already involved at this very moment and don’t realize it.The first thing that comes to ones mind when they don’t understand something is to ask, what is it? So to help us understand it much easier that’s where we’ll start.What is Cloud Computing?Cloud Computing is the online buzzword for what we all do every day in the online world. The conducting of more and more of our activity in the online world. The result of interacting with software and applications that reside out on a server. Also known as cloud storage.Later on, I will hone this down to your personal computer or device and what you can do with it. Now though, here are some examples of how we do this thing called cloud computing every day without noticing.Do you have an email address? I’m sure you do. Do you have a Gmail or Yahoo, etc. email address where you send and receive email? Then you are cloud computing!These email accounts have their own dedicated servers where everybody accesses their mail from. An example of non-cloud computing would be if you have your own individual hosting account. Where you have your own email server in your own dedicated accounts.Are you into the social scene online? Just about all of us are in one way or the other. Such as Facebook, Twitter, and many others. Then you are cloud computing!Do you share your photos and videos online through YouTube, Picasa, Flikr, etc.?Then you are cloud computing! Where ever you access software or services online where everybody does the same thing then you are said, to be cloud computing.Simplified CloudsNow let me bring this down a little simpler for you as related to your computer. Say for example, you use Microsoft Word on a regular basis. Of course you have a copy of it installed and stored on your hard drive.Today you would not need to have a copy on your hard drive because Microsoft would have a copy stored on their Windows Cloud server already installed and ready to use. You would simply login to your Windows Cloud account and begin to use Word there.You see its very simple to understand really. There are many companies who are moving to this type of computing. Some companies include:

Windows Cloud
Apple iCloud
Cloud Hosting CompaniesHow many times within the past year have you seen advertising for Backup companies? Having trouble keeping enough CD’s to backup your important information? No problem. Just get an online backup account at the many companies and backup your info there.As you can see there are many cloud computing companies for you to interact with. It is quickly becoming the way of the future. And lots of them offer free space on their Cloud.I recently did a review on the Apple iPod touch. In fact most of Apple’s mobile computing devices are geared toward cloud computing. In the Fall of this year 2011, Apple will introduce their new iOS5 operating system and with it comes a 5gb free account on their iCloud.The iPad, iPod touch, and their iPhone will all have the capability to interact with Apple’s new Cloud Computing experience. It won’t be long until somebody will probably come up with something called a cloud atlas to see all the companies available to this new experience.The WrapYou now have a very good understanding of something that is perplexing at first knowledge. Don’t let cloud computing confuse you anymore. It’s really very simple once you grasp it in terms of hardware.The computer landscape is increasingly changing, all to make our lives more easier to live….information wise. The question is, will it really?